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[UPDATED – OCT. 10 to reflect Ronan Farrow’s explo­sive New Yorker inves­tiga­tive piece, which con­tains new alle­ga­tions, includ­ing that Harvey Weinstein raped actress/​director Asia Argento and two others.]

The shock­ing down­fall of indie movie mogul and accused ser­i­al sex­u­al harass­er Harvey Weinstein is one of the biggest enter­tain­ment news sto­ries ever. It’s also a sto­ry with far wider ram­i­fi­ca­tions for American cul­ture, American busi­ness prac­tices, and for American women in the workplace.

In the after­math of the New York Times’ bomb­shell arti­cle, new infor­ma­tion has been pub­lished with chaot­ic speed, with addi­tion­al rev­e­la­tions arriv­ing almost hourly.

Here’s a curat­ed selec­tion of arti­cles encom­pass­ing some of the most impor­tant, top­i­cal and illu­mi­nat­ing developments.

The orig­i­nal New York Times expose hits like an atom­ic bomb at mid-​day October 5.

The report­ing by Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey includes an on the record inter­view with actress Ashley Judd describ­ing how movie mogul Harvey Weinstein alleged­ly lured her to a hotel room for a busi­ness meet­ing” in 1997. According to Judd, Weinstein greet­ed her in a bathrobe and repeat­ed­ly made obscene and lech­er­ous pro­pos­als, includ­ing that he mas­sage her and that she watch him shower.

(Times reporter Jodi Kantor lat­er gives a detailed descrip­tion of the article’s gen­e­sis and method­ol­o­gy to pod­cast­er Isaac Chotiner of Slate).

FLASHBACK: Ashley Judd lev­eled sim­i­lar charges in Variety two years ear­li­er, with­out giv­ing her reput­ed harass­er a name. The 2015 arti­cle by Ramin Setoodah was called Ashley Judd Reveals Sexual Harassment by Studio Mogul, and it makes for chill­ing read­ing, espe­cial­ly in the ways Judd describes her youth­ful guilt and con­fu­sion at the time of the alleged incident.

Other alle­ga­tions in the Times piece include Weinstein’s hav­ing paid out legal set­tle­ments to at least eight women accus­ing him of harass­ment, and the pub­li­ca­tion of pas­sages from an inter­nal Weinstein Company doc­u­ment recount­ing in detail the harass­ment alle­ga­tions of a for­mer female Weinstein Company employee.

Actress Rose McGowan is also named in the Times piece.

According to the Times, McGowan reached a $100,000 finan­cial set­tle­ment with Weinstein over an inci­dent at the Sundance Film Festival in 1997. Her break­through movie SCREAM had been released by Miramax’s Dimension Films divi­sion only weeks before the alleged inci­dent occurred.

The Times claims McGowan signed a non-​disclosure agree­ment as part of her set­tle­ment and was there­fore unavail­able for comment.

But as the Weinstein harass­ment sto­ry expands, spec­u­la­tion about McGowan’s expe­ri­ence with Weinstein runs ram­pant, feuled by sev­er­al tweets McGowan post­ed in 2016 in response to the victim’s rights/​anti-​rape hash­tag #WhyWomenDontReport.

A (female) crim­i­nal attor­ney said because I’d done a sex scene in a film I would nev­er win against the stu­dio head,” McGowan wrote. They shamed me while adu­lat­ing my rapist.” (Vanity Fair has pub­lished one of the fuller accounts of McGowan’s 2016 tweets, their orig­i­nal impact, and their cur­rent importance).

As the scan­dal devel­ops, McGowan’s twit­ter­feed emerges as a pow­er­ful and fero­cious forum focused on call­ing out the indus­try at large for its per­ceived silence about abuse.

FLASHBACK: The New York Times arti­cle was not the first time Weinstein’s alleged abus­es made head­lines. In 2015, an Italian mod­el report­ed Weinstein to the NYPD for grop­ing her dur­ing a busi­ness meet­ing.” Ambra Battilana, Model Accusing Harvey Weinstein of Groping Her, Was Very Shaken’ After Assualt is the New York Daily News’ con­tem­po­ra­ne­ous arti­cle about Battilina’s allegations.

According to sub­se­quent reports, a sting was mount­ed. Published accounts from 2015 state Battilana made a call to Weinstein which was record­ed by the NYPD sex crimes unit. It has since been report­ed that Weinstein did not refute Battilana’s grop­ing alle­ga­tions dur­ing this conversation.

A new report pub­lished in the Daily Beast claims Weinstein was in fact record­ed live by NYPD dur­ing an arranged follow-​up meet­ing with Battilana, and char­ac­ter­izes his record­ed behav­ior as apol­o­giz­ing to Battilana before imme­di­ate­ly ask­ing her up to his room. Battilana is described as hav­ing ini­tial­ly agreed owing to an under­stand­ing the police would inter­vene if Weinstein attacked her, then pan­ick­ing and depart­ing. She got scared,” an NYPD police com­man­der famil­iar with the case is quot­ed as saying.

The NYPD decid­ed not to charge Weinstein. According to the New York Times, Battilana set­tled out of court for an undis­closed sum, and like McGowan is bound by a non-​disclosure agreement.

Before set­tling, Battilana was sub­ject­ed to a series of exploita­tive arti­cles in the tabloid press, in which her past, rather than Weinstein’s, was sub­ject­ed to skep­ti­cal scruti­ny. She was splashed across the cov­er of the New York Post as the Grope Beauty,” and com­pli­ca­tions from her per­son­al life were played up in the Post and elsewhere.

An anony­mous insid­er at NYPD assured the Post’s Page Six her sto­ry, since doc­u­ment­ed by the emer­gence of sting” record­ings, was BS” and said It’s not going any­where.” An anony­mous quote unquote movie insid­er” was wide­ly quot­ed as say­ing, We believe this is a black­mail attempt, and he [Harvey] did noth­ing wrong.”

This bizarre and victim-​shaming process, filled with innu­en­do and mul­ti­ple details proven false by the avalanche of recent report­ing, is dis­sect­ed in detail by W Magazine’s Kyle Muzenreider in How Tabloids Dragged Ambra Gutierrez Through the Mud After She Accused Harvey Weinstein of Groping Her.

FLASHBACK: In the wake of Battilana’s 2015 charges, Gawker solicit­ed infor­ma­tion about Harvey Weinstein’s despi­ca­ble open secret.”

Gawker’s 2015 arti­cle elab­o­rate­ly demon­strates an amaz­ing­ly wide­spread aware­ness among jour­nal­ists and also with­in the film indus­try of mul­ti­ple rumors con­cern­ing Weinstein and cast­ing couch” abus­es of power.

The piece (which appears not to have result­ed in addi­tion­al report­ing) also illus­trates how var­i­ous press out­lets tried to break the sto­ry with­out suc­cess going back many years.

Harvey Weinstein is offered the right of response by the New York Times.

In Weinstein’s ram­bling state­ment, which ran as an appen­dix to the orig­i­nal Times piece, Weinstein admits he has a prob­lem, blames it on com­ing of age in a dif­fer­ent busi­ness cul­ture, and promis­es to both get help and to take a leave of absence from the Weinstein Company. He ends with a bizarre non­se­quiter about how he intends to keep fight­ing the good fight against Donald Trump and the NRA.

Weinstein’s apolo­gia is bril­liant­ly dis­man­tled by The Washington Post’s res­i­dent satirist Alexandra Petri, whose take­down is read­able here.

Weinstein’s rapid response to the Times arti­cle also includes a same day inter­view in the New York Post where he affirms his inten­tion to sue the Times over its reporting.

The Post frames Weinstein’s atti­tude toward his alleged vic­tims as con­cil­ia­to­ry, even as it pub­lish­es a quote from Weinstein which reads for some as an attempt to under­mine Ashley Judd’s cred­i­bil­i­ty as a wit­ness against him. I know Ashley Judd is going through a tough time right now,” Weinstein tells the Post. I read her book [her mem­oir All That Is Bitter and Sweet’], in which she talks about being the vic­tim of sex­u­al abuse and depres­sion as a child. Her life sto­ry was bru­tal, and I have to respect her.”

By the evening of the 5th, the Weinstein Company is report­ed­ly in chaos, with board res­ig­na­tions in the works and tem­pes­tu­ous meet­ings tak­ing place behind closed doors to decide Harvey’s fate.

On Friday morn­ing, New York Times media colum­nist Jim Rutenberg pub­lish­es Harvey Weinstein’s Media Enablers, an edi­to­r­i­al attack­ing wide­spread media com­plic­i­ty in the worst kept secret” in Hollywood.

In response, The Wrap’s Sharon Waxman writes a sting­ing account of her failed attempt to break” the Harvey Weinstein sto­ry at the New York Times in 2004.

Waxman had uncov­ered a pos­si­ble sex­u­al pro­cure­ment scan­dal involv­ing Fabrizio Lombardo, who ran the Italian arm of Miramax Films in the ear­ly 2000s. I had peo­ple on the record telling me Lombardo knew noth­ing about film,” Waxman writes, and oth­ers cit­ing evenings he orga­nized with Russian escorts.”

In her piece Waxman also claims to have unearthed evi­dence of a wider Weinstein sex scan­dal involv­ing a pay off,” thir­teen years before the New York Times pub­lished its cur­rent allegations.

According to Waxman, her 2004 research got spiked and her work was dilut­ed after Weinstein became aware of her efforts and mount­ed a pre-​publication pres­sure cam­paign with­in the Times against her story.

FLASHBACK: The tooth­less 2004 arti­cle the New York Times ran over Waxman’s byline con­tained none of Waxman’s more con­tro­ver­sial report­ing. It focused instead on a wage dis­pute between Miramax and Lombardo.

Meanwhile, Weinstein’s media defense strat­e­gy is being met with wide­spread deri­sion, includ­ing with­in the Weinstein Company itself. The New York Times pub­lish­es excerpts from inter­nal Weinstein Company emails chastis­ing Weinstein’s legal advi­sor, fem­i­nist attor­ney Lisa Bloom, for promis­ing the board a media turn­around, which was to include more and dif­fer­ent report­ing” and the pub­li­ca­tion of pho­tos of Harvey Weinstein’s accusers in very friend­ly pos­es with Harvey after his alleged misconduct.”

The full text of Bloom’s email is lat­er pub­lished by the Huffington Post, along­side a denial from Bloom that she or Weinstein were impli­cat­ed as sources in any of the promised jour­nal­is­tic tac­tics. HuffPo adds it could find no arti­cles of the type Bloom promised, and which the Weinstein board deplored. But we did, albeit one con­texted in a way Weinstein’s defense team may not have liked.

Bloom sub­se­quent­ly resigns from Weinstein’s cri­sis team, as do oth­er high pro­file advi­sors.

On Friday evening, approx­i­mate­ly 30 hours after the Times’ report went live online, Harvey Weinstein is sus­pend­ed from his posi­tion as co-​chair of the Weinstein Company by four mem­bers of its all-​male Board of Directors, who also announce the ini­ti­a­tion of an inde­pen­dent inves­ti­ga­tion into his behav­ior. Three oth­er board mem­bers resign, with a fourth (who is rumored to be on the verge of resign­ing) abstain­ing from sign­ing the for­mal com­pa­ny announcement.

Additional alle­ga­tions con­tin­ue to sur­face. Especially dam­ag­ing is an explic­it and vivid­ly detailed on the record account in the Huffington Post from Lauren Sivan, a long­time TV jour­nal­ist. Sivan claims Weinstein trapped her in an aban­doned area of a restau­rant he owned dur­ing a pri­vate par­ty, and then mas­tur­bat­ed in front of her when she refused his advances.

Elizabeth Karlsen, pro­duc­er of THE CRYING GAME at Miramax and CAROL for the Weinstein Company, also goes pub­lic with an alle­ga­tion of abuse dat­ing back almost 30 years.

As rev­e­la­tions cas­cade, Weinstein sends a pri­vate email to sev­er­al stu­dio heads and pow­er play­ers plead­ing with them to endorse him before his own board, which he believes is about to fire him.

Hollywood Reporter CEO Janine Min lat­er breaks this sto­ry by tweet­ing out a copy of the let­ter.

The execs alleged­ly con­tact­ed include Weinstein’s old Disney boss (and for­mer Dreamworks CEO) Jeffrey Katzenberg; Ron Meyer of NBC Universal; and Discovery CEO David Zaslov. Katzenberg lat­er pub­lished his side of the cor­re­spon­dence.

I am des­per­ate for your help,” Weinstein’s email says in part. No f_​_​king chance,” reads a report­ed reply.

On Sunday October 8, three days after the orig­i­nal New York Times arti­cle was first pub­lished, Harvey Weinstein is fired from the com­pa­ny that bears his name.

But which may not wear it for long.

According to sub­se­quent report­ing, the Weinstein Company is active­ly seek­ing a namechange and intends to scrub Harvey Weinstein’s cred­it off many projects in the pipeline at the time of his fir­ing. Bob Weinstein, Harvey’s broth­er, took con­trol of the com­pa­ny and lat­er denied hav­ing any aware­ness of the depths of Harvey’s abu­sive behav­ior toward women in an emo­tion­al inter­view with the Hollywood Reporter.

But still more har­row­ing alle­ga­tions are waiting.

On October 10, the New Yorker pub­lish­es an exhaus­tive and much spec­u­lat­ed about inves­tiga­tive piece by Ronan Farrow con­tain­ing explo­sive new alle­ga­tions and expand­ed evi­dence relat­ed to old ones. The sto­ry was orig­i­nal­ly devel­oped but killed at NBC, caus­ing a side con­tover­sy over the network’s his­to­ry of killing sex abuse pieces involv­ing pow­er­ful men.

In the piece, Farrow inter­views a dis­traught actress/​director Asia Argento, who charges Weinstein with rap­ing her in 1997 by forc­ing her to per­form oral sex on him.

Farrow also pub­lish­es audio record­ed dur­ing the NYPD’s Ambra Battalina sting oper­a­tion of a tense exchange dur­ing which Weinstein can be heard apol­o­giz­ing for grop­ing Battalina and telling her I’m used to that” while repeat­ed­ly press­ing her to join him in his hotel room.

Three women – among them Argento and a for­mer aspir­ing actress named Lucia Evans — told me that Weinstein raped them,” Farrow writes, alle­ga­tions that include Weinstein forcibly per­form­ing or receiv­ing oral sex and forc­ing vagi­nal sex. Four women said that they expe­ri­enced unwant­ed touch­ing that could be clas­si­fied as an assault … Four of the women I inter­viewed cit­ed encoun­ters in which Weinstein exposed him­self or mas­tur­bat­ed in front of them.”

And so the oth­er shoe con­tin­ues to drop.

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